On-Street Disabled Parking

If you have a State of Iowa disability parking permit and have no off-street parking available to you, you may be eligible for a City issued on-street accessible parking space sign.

Download a brochure about this service. It includes Frequently Asked Questions, contact information, and an application form.

Requesting a Stall

Applications for an on-street disabled parking stall can be submitted by one of the following:

  • Complete this online form.
  • Complete this fillable PDF form. Either type in the fillable fields and print and return by mail or print and write in your responses and return by mail. 
  • Call the Parking Division at 563.589.4266.
  • Email the Parking Division. 
  • Apply in person at the Intermodal Transportation Center, 950 Elm St, Dubuque, IA 52001 (free parking available behind the building, off 9th St.)

Requests are individually reviewed and field inspected by Parking staff to determine if the requested on-street disabled parking stall is needed.


On-street disabled parking stalls are subject to all State laws and City Ordinances. Placement of a parking stall in a location does not guarantee permanent or lifetime use of that parking stall for the approved applicant. Placement of a disabled parking stall at a location does not imply reserved parking for the person who requested the stall, or for any other individual. An on-street disabled parking stall can be used at any time by anyone whose vehicle displays the appropriate State-issued permit or license plate.

Requirements for consideration of an on-street disabled parking stall include: 

  • The placement of the stall will not be in conflict with existing State or City Ordinances.
  • Parking usage must exceed 60% for a distance of 150 feet in both directions from the point of access.
  • The State of Iowa has issued the appropriate parking permit or license plate to the requestor.
  • Accessible off-street parking is not available.

On-street disabled parking stalls are subject to removal by the City for any of the following reasons:

  • The requestor has moved or is deceased.
  • The State of Iowa issued permit or license plate has expired or been revoked.
  • Accessible off-street parking has become available.
  • Ordinance changes result in other parking restrictions which would prohibit the retention of the stall.
  • The City of Dubuque determines the stall is being misused by the approved person.