Vacant Building License

The City of Dubuque Housing & Community Development Department issues annual licenses for vacant commercial and residential buildings located within the City of Dubuque. The annual License Fee is $350 dollars for both residential and commercial buildings. Please contact the Housing & Community Development Department for more information.

    Please review the City of Dubuque's Code of Ordinances for requirements on
    • Licensing of Vacant and/or Abandoned Buildings: Title 14, Chapter 4
    • Property Maintenance Code: Title 14, Chapter 1, Article J

    Property owners must complete application, including a plan of action for restoring the structure to use:

    • Upon receipt of application, a full (interior & exterior) inspection will be scheduled. Property owners are responsible to make any and all necessary repairs if violations are found during the inspection process prior to the license being issued.
    • A quarterly exterior inspection will be performed from the public right of way to ensure exterior compliance.