Bee Branch Creek Greenway

The Bee Branch Creek Greenway is part of our community's infrastructure to control flooding, but it also serves as a beautiful linear park. The one-mile greenway stretches from the heart of Dubuque's North End to the Mississippi River at Chaplain Schmitt Island. It is home to a multi-use trail, scenic overlooks, an outdoor amphitheater, benches, lighting, rest areas, a garden, and a bioswale board walk. 



The Bee Branch Creek Greenway is split into two half-mile sections each with different characteristics. Nestled in a residential neighborhood, the greenway from its headwaters at E. 24th St. to Garfield Ave. is a narrow creek and landscaped greenspace that accommodates recreational use and neighborhood gatherings. 


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From the Canadian Pacific railway yard past Sycamore St. to Kerper Blvd., the greenway is a large expanse of open water that wraps around the former industrial pack site. It includes the Bee Branch Pond, also known as the 16th St. Detention Basin. Located along the Mississippi Flyway, this portion of the greenway is an excellent spot for bird watching. The stream also provides opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and urban fishing.


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The Bee Branch Creek Greenway is open 24 hours a day. Lights along the the multi-use trail are on from dusk to dawn. Security cameras are on at all times.

Creek and Stormwater Safety

The Bee Branch Creek Greenway is unique in that its main purpose is for stormwater management. During rain events, the creek will rise out of the limestone channel and cover the multi-use trail and grass. This is the way the greenway is designed -- to move stormwater through the neighborhood without flooding adjacent properties. It is not safe to be near the creek during and after rain events when the water level is high. Please practice safe behavior and do not use the greenway for recreational activities during these times.

There is a flashing flood warning sign system in the greenway to indicate when the creek is covering the lower trail. Please be aware of these signs and do not use the trail along the creek when the signs are flashing. Thank you!

Click here to learn more about Bee Branch Creek Greenway and stormwater safety. 
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Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project

The Bee Branch Creek Greenway is part of the Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project, a multi-phased, fiscally responsible investment to mitigate flooding, improve water quality, stimulate investment, and enhance quality of life within the Bee Branch Watershed. Click here to learn more.