Who We Are

SPIRIT: Service - People - Integrity - Responsibility - Innovation - Teamwork

These are the values of our organization and they describe how we achieve the City Council’s mission and vision.

Service: We are responsive.

  • Present a positive, friendly attitude in service
  • Deal directly with problems
  • Take prompt action
  • Are sensitive to citizen needs
  • Consider citizens valued customers
  • Express a “we can do it” attitude
  • Are willing to serve and be involved in the community

People: We care.

  • Show concern toward people; their needs and feelings
  • Have compassion for the people we serve and with whom we work
  • Are dedicated to the community
  • Respect self and others
  • Encourage personal and professional development

Integrity: We are honest.

  • Are open in our relationships with others
  • Seek no favors, special privileges or patronage
  • Provide fair and equal treatment to all
  • Are dedicated to public service
  • Do our best, strive for excellence
  • Have high ethical standards

Responsibility: We are accountable.

  • Answer for our actions
  • Establish and achieve work performance standards
  • Provide the best value with available resources

Innovation: We look for better ways.

  • Search for creative solutions
  • Evaluate current operations and systems
  • Change and try new approaches
  • Plan ahead, anticipate problems and issues
  • Take reasonable risks
  • Use common sense

Teamwork: We work together.

  • Build partnerships
  • Accomplish goals
  • Encourage involvement for better results
  • Support mutual goals
  • Celebrate successes and overcome setbacks