How To Apply

Current City of Dubuque job openings are available on the Job Opportunities page. 

Online Application Required

To apply for a City of Dubuque position or register for a Civil Service Examination, complete and submit an employment application here.  You may do so anywhere with internet access, from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Establish your employment profile and submit it directly to the Human Resources Department as an employment application for City of Dubuque job openings.  You may attach relevant documents to your profile, such as a resume or other pertinent information.  Once completed, your application profile is securely saved.  You can log in to access it, modify it, and submit it at any time.  Complete instructions for creating your online profile and applying online are available here.

For questions or if you need assistance completing or submitting your electronic employment application, please contact the City of Dubuque Human Resources Department at:

Phone: 563-589-4125 or e-mail:

The Human Resources Department is located at:
50 W 13th Street
City Hall, 1st Floor
Dubuque, Iowa, 52001

Civil Service

City of Dubuque positions that are classified as Civil Service require an examination.  If you wish to apply for a scheduled Civil Service Examination, submit your electronic employment application by the specified deadline for that position.  You are then registered to participate in the examination process.


Examinations are given in a group setting.  All applicants register to take the examination by completing and returning the electronic employment application by the given deadline.  They will then take the examination together, in one location, at the specified time. 

What is a Civil Service Exam?

The City of Dubuque is governed by Iowa Civil Service Law.  The City utilizes civil service testing to establish eligibility lists of candidates for civil service covered positions. Tests are specific to each individual position and questions are related to the job duties of the position. A test must be taken for each position in which an applicant has interest.

The Civil Service Commission is made up of three citizen volunteers who are appointed by the City Council. The commission’s job is to ensure that all testing procedures are properly carried out, and to remain neutral parties throughout the process.

Once testing for a position is completed, based upon those who achieve a passing score on the exam, the commission certifies a list of candidates eligible to be hired. This list is typically valid for one year.

How do I prepare for a Civil Service Exam?

There are no study guides available for these examinations.  They are based upon general knowledge of the position, which can be found in the job posting.  However, police officer and firefighter/paramedic offer study guides in preparation for these examinations and are available in the examination packets.

Please feel free to contact the Human Resources Department at 563.589.4125 with any questions.