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Dubuque Pet-Friendly Community Assessment:

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September 2018 Animal Control Brochure: Click Here

Animal Control Ordinance: Click Here

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Pet-Friendly Survey Results

The Park and Recreation Commission created a survey to collect feedback regarding the proposed ordinance change. The survey was available to the public from January 2-17th, 2020. 

To view overall survey feedback, click here.
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The City Council, at their 2018 goal setting session, adopted Pet-Friendly Community: Policy Direction and Actions as a Policy Agenda High Priority for 2018-2020.

The 2017 Imagine Dubuque Comprehensive Plan also contains recommendations related to pet-friendly community.   
• Re-evaluate the Parks and Recreation Plan, potentially through a strategic update or addendum, to identify opportunities to provide flexible, programmable space; improve active recreation connectivity in neighborhoods; and enhance Dubuque’s “dog-friendliness.”
• Evaluate and revise, as appropriate, the dog-related policies for all of Dubuque’s park and recreation facilities.

In November 2018, the City Council approved creation of a Pet-Friendly Community Action Plan based off of the US Conference of Mayors' Pet-Friendly City Assessment.  The Pet-Friendly Community work group includes six (6) City staff members, a Park and Recreation Advisory Commission representative, a representative of Friendly Intelligent Dog Owners (FIDO), a knowledgeable individual on the issue who might provide a different perspective than FIDO, a representative from the Humane Society and a person who is involved in the pet businesses. The agendas of the meetings are on the links provided. 

The City of Dubuque Park and Recreation Commission, which serves in an advisory role to the City Council, is considering the ordinance proposal for recommendation to the City Council.  The City Council would have to approve any changes to the current ordinance.  

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