Reflective Permutations

Reflective Permutations


Evan Prosch


Dubuque, IA

About the Work: 

The sculpture is an exploration of light and reflection to illuminate and transform the world around us. The mirrored cubes create an ever-changing visual landscape, reflecting and refracting light in a way that inspires awe and wonder. Through the precise arrangement of the cubes, the sculpture is both cohesive and dynamic. Each angle provides a new perspective, a new way of illuminating the hidden world around us. Reflective Permutations offers a space for reflection and contemplation, where viewers can be inspired to think differently about the world and their place in it. With the power of light and reflection, curiosity and wonder, and embrace innovative ways of thinking and the transformative power of art.


2’ x 3’ x 7’ (Approximately)

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