Assessment Policy


The City of Dubuque has a Street Assessment Policy that is in accordance with Chapter 384 Division IV Special Assessments of the Code of Iowa. This policy was adopted April 18, 1983. The City of Dubuque has the right to assess improvements within a specified district.

This district includes all property included within the area described so as to include one-half of the privately-owned property between each street to be improved and the next street, whether such privately-owned property abuts upon the street to be improved or not shall be assessed. According to the policy, property situated more than 300 feet from the street being improved will not be assessed.

Street Assessment Cost

When the City assesses a property for street improvements, the assessment is always based on a 31 foot street. According to the current City policy, the City will only assess the cost of street pavement, pavement stone, storm sewer, sidewalk, topsoil, sod, etc to the property owner. According to the current City policy, the City will pick up 100% of the cost for the sanitary sewer main, water main, backfill limestone for the utilities, fiber optic conduit, etc. The property owner is 100% responsible for the costs associated with the replacement of private services. This would include water services and sanitary sewer laterals and wyes.

Because of the local option sales tax, the street portion of the special assessment is heavily discounted. The City also applies discounts due to street width, street use, and a reconstruction discount called rollback. Below is an example of how your assessment was calculated.

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Private Services Cost

The private services (water and sewer) that serve your property are 100% assessable to you. These items are not eligible for local option sales tax assistance.

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