Rental Licensing & Inspection Fees

Licensing Fees

  • Structure - $30
  • Dwelling Unit - $25
  • Rooming Unit - $15
  • Late Payment - $25

Inspection Fees Effective July 1, 2019

Rental Licensing Initial Inspection - Free

Effective July 1, 2019, there is no charge for an initial inspection.  Re-inspection fees will be charged at the per unit rates listed below when a re-inspection is required to verify repairs are completed. 

Confirmed Complaint Inspection - $85

Confirmed complaint penalty fee is charged only in cases when the following has occurred: 1 - Tenant has provided written proof of maintenance request to property owner and/or registered agent; 2 - Tenant has allowed acceptable time for property owner/agent to make necessary repairs; 3 - City inspector has verified that the complaint has not been repaired and is a housing code violation.

Re-inspection Fee - $85

Charged for all re-inspections where a site visit is needed to verify code compliance.  Inspectors may waive additional re-inspection charges for insignificant repairs where photos are submitted to prove the repair was completed.

No Show Penalty Fee - $85

Charged if owner has not given a 48 business hour notification to re-schedule appointment for inspection. Owner is allowed only one re-schedule per structure / unit.

Please note, inspection fees may be adjusted subject to City Council approval.

Self-Certification of Eligible Units 

(as designated by the Housing & Community Development Department)

Units eligible for self-certification are inspected by IFA and/or HUD on a regular basis. To ensure units maintain standards, dwelling and/or rental unit inspections will be a random selection of 25% of participating units. If those units are in compliance, self-certification will be allowed for remaining 75% of units.

Dwelling Units Inspection - $50

Random inspection of 20% of participating units.

Dwelling Unit Self-Certification - $20

Reduced inspection fee for self-certified units.

Rooming Unit (SRO) Inspection - $30

Random inspection of 20% of participating units.

Rooming Unit (SRO) Self-Certification - $15

Reduced inspection fee for self-certified units.

College Dormitory Inspections

College dorm rooms identified and pre-approved for dormitory status by Housing Inspections will be inspected by the Dubuque Fire Department at a reduced rate.

Fire Department Inspection - $15

Charged in accordance of inspection and only in years when inspected.