Public Spaces

  • Are all public spaces on an accessible route of travel?
  • Is an accessible route to all public spaces at least 36" wide?
  • Is there a 5' circle or a t-shaped space for a person using a wheelchair to reverse direction at the end of aisle ways?
  • Do doors into public spaces have at least a 32" clear opening?
  • On the pull side of doors, next to the handle, is there at least 18" of clear wall space so that a person using a wheelchair or crutches can get near to open the door?
  • What is the force necessary to open interior doors? (Cannot exceed 5 lbs. of force.)
  • Are door handles 48" high or less and operable with a closed fist?
  • Are threshold edges one-quarter inch high or less, or if beveled edge, no more than three-quarter inch high?
  • If emergency systems are provided, do they have both flashing lights and audible signals?
  • Are all aisles and pathways to materials and services at least 36" wide? 
  • Is carpeting low-pile, tightly woven, and securely attached along edges?
  • In circulation paths through public areas, are all obstacles cane-detectable (located within 27" of the floor or higher than 80", or protruding less than 4" from the wall)?

Further Information
For more information regarding these guidelines, please contact Building Services or call us at 563.589.4150.