Drinking Fountains and Public Telephones

When amenities such as drinking fountains and public telephones are provided, they should also be accessible to people with disabilities:
  • Is there at least one fountain with clear floor space of at least 30" x 48" in front?
  • Is there one fountain with its spout no higher than 36" from the ground, and another with a standard height spout (or a single "hi-lo" fountain)?
  • Are controls mounted on the front or on the side near the front edge, and operable with one closed fist?
  • Is each water fountain cane-detectable (located within 27" off the floor or protruding less than 4" from the wall into the circulation path)?
  • If pay or public use phones are provided, is there clear floor space of at least 30" x 48" in front of at least one?
  • Is the highest operable part of the phone no higher than 48"?
  • Does the phone protrude no more than 4" into the circulation space?
  • Does the phone have push-button controls?
  • Is the phone hearing-aid compatible?
  • Is the phone adapted with volume control?
  • Is the phone with volume control identified with appropriate signage?
  • If there are four or more public phones in the building, is one of the phones equipped with a text telephone (TT or TDD)?
  • Is the location of the text telephone identified by accessible signage bearing the International TDD Symbol?
Further Information
For more information regarding these guidelines, please contact Building Services or call us at 563.589.4150.