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Housing Choice Voucher

Voucher applications are open monthly for 24-hours on the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. Each month, all applications received on the second Tuesday are placed in a random lottery selection for placement on a waiting list. The City maintains a HCV waiting list that is roughly the number of Vouchers they plan to award in the next 3 months. Monthly applications that were not selected for the waiting list in the lottery are deleted and must reapply again.

Moderate Rehabilitation Program

This small legacy HUD program provides Income-eligible applicants get assistance for 10 specific 1-bedroom units and 4 specific 2-bedroom units. Applications are accepted any time for this program, but turnover in the program has historically been very low. The current wait list for the Moderate Rehabilitation Program is over 1,000.

Project-Based Voucher

Seniors and persons with disabilities that are income-eligible applicants may receive rental assistance at 17 specific units located at the Rose of Dubuque, an assisted living facility at 3390 Lake Ridge Drive. Applications accepted at all times for this program.

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