The Dubuque community takes great pride in the quality of its educational system and it is a top priority for Dubuque citizens and leaders. Dubuque’s public school system was ranked #7 out of 2,200 school districts nationwide!*  

Primary Education (K-12)

The Dubuque Community School District provides K-12 education through 11 elementary schools, three junior high schools, one middle school, and three high schools. Dubuque also offers two private school systems accredited by the State of Iowa. Holy Family Catholic Schools offers K-12 education at four elementary schools, one K-5 Spanish Immersion Program, a middle school, and a high school. Tri-State Christian School also serves students from elementary through high school in the Dubuque area.

Higher Education

Dubuque boasts three private, liberal arts colleges offering a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, a community college with diverse certificate and degree programs, and a Bible college.  The tri-state area features an additional state university and two more community colleges for a total of 18,000 college students! 

*Source: Expansion Management Magazine