Move DBQ: Smart Parking and Mobility Plan


Businesses and residents rely on having access to parking. It is essential to a vibrant, strong economy and expanding connectivity. That is why the City of Dubuque is seeking your input to help guide the development of Move DBQ, a new smart parking and mobility plan that will shape transportation systems in Dubuque for the next 10 to 15 years.

A Long-Term Roadmap

The City's ramps and parking meters are aging and equipped with outdated technology, some of which is no longer supported. These systems are not efficient or sustainable. The Move DBQ plan will provide a long-term roadmap for how the City can implement and invest in new technologies and systems to improve parking access, efficiency, and overall user experience.

We Want Your Input

There are several ways to provide your input including a short survey, an interactive map, and an online comment box! 

The Move DBQ planning team is conducting a detailed assessment of the City's on- and off-street parking systems including how parking ramps are managed, how meter systems work, financial metrics, and parking utilization to ensure that the supply and demand are in balance. Technology that can be used to improve the parking experience, such as wayfinding, meter and gating systems, and payment options, are being explored. 

The project will also include a high-level assessment of Dubuque’s current transportation offerings and identify opportunities to advance the mobility network. This data will help create a more connected community for those people who rely on and use alternative modes of transportation such as walking, biking, and public transit.

This plan is about updating systems to improve user experience. If you live, work, or visit places within the Move DBQ study area, including downtown Dubuque and the Historic Millwork District, you will likely see technology changes to how parking ramps and meters are managed in the next several years. We want to know your ideas, concerns, and preferences for improving parking and creating a more connected community!

Map Your Ideas and Concerns

Have more to share about parking and mobility in Dubuque? Drop a note in our online comment box!

More Information

The Move DBQ planning and design team will evaluate current parking and mobility according to these tenets:

  • Parking is a key ingredient for keeping the downtown economically viable.
  • Parking needs to be a partnership between the public and private sectors.
  • Equitable and inclusive mobility solutions are one of the core components of a community’s livability because it provides access to living wage jobs, healthcare services, quality education, cultural institutions, and recreation opportunities.
  • Parking access and any updated policies need to meet the needs of diverse user groups.
  • Parking must be fully integrated with transit and other forms of transportation and mobility to maximize efficiencies and customer experience.
  • Parking and transportation mobility are not free, and an equitable revenue fee structure needs to be established.
  • Parking and mobility solutions need to utilize the most up-to-date technology and must be simple to use and manage across all platforms.


For questions or more information, call Transportation Services at 563-589-4341.