22nd St./Kaufmann Ave. Storm Sewer Improvements

22nd St. Storm Sewer Construction

Estimated Completion Date - 2021

As it runs down Kaufmann Ave., stormwater can form what resembles a river on 22nd St. from Central Ave. to Elm Street. New concrete storm sewers will be installed to increase stormwater capacity. Currently, the storm sewer is not large enough to handle even a moderate rain event.

Project Details

The project consists of a new concrete storm sewer along E. 22nd St. from Elm St. to Central Ave. continuing up Kaufmann Ave. to Kane Street. Large, high-capacity storm drains will be placed in the grass terrace along Kaufmann Ave. to capture overland drainage, and several standard single-grate storm drains will be installed. It also involves total street and sidewalk reconstruction and the relocation of underground utilities along the entire length of the project.

Phase 1: Completed in December 2018

Elm St. to Central Ave.
The first phase of the 22nd St. / Kaufmann Ave. project started in April 2018. Work started at Elm St. and progressed west across Washington St., Jackson St., and White St. stopping short of Central Ave. The project included the relocation of underground utilities, a new 10 ft. x 6 ft. concrete storm sewer and high-capacity storm drains to reduce street flooding, and total street and sidewalk reconstruction. Construction of the first phase finished in early December 2018.

Phase 2: Construction in 2019

White St. to west of Francis St. 
Phase two of the project is scheduled to begin on Monday, March 25, 2019. Relocation of the underground utilities and construction of the new storm sewer will continue west across Central Ave. up Kaufmann Ave. to west of Francis St. The intersection of 22nd St. and Central Ave. is expected to close on May 1, 2019, for 8 weeks. A street closure and detour map will be shared as soon as it's available. Please note, access to all businesses and residential properties will be maintained at all times during construction. City staff and the contractor will work with those with mobility issues to accommodate access to their property as much as possible during construction. Construction is expected to be finished in late November 2019.

The improvements will be constructed in segments. 
The following schedule is tentative and may change due to weather or the contractor's schedule:

Segment 1
Location: Between White St. and Central Ave.
Schedule: Construction will begin on Monday, March 25
Traffic Impact: 22nd St. will be closed. Detour planned.

Segment 2
Location: From White St. through Central Ave.
Schedule: Central Ave. intersection to close on Wednesday, May 1
Traffic Impact: Central Ave. intersection closed for 8 weeks. Detour planned.

Segment 3
Location: From Central Ave. to Heeb St.
Schedule: Expected to begin in late May
Traffic Impact: Kaufmann Ave. will be closed. Detour planned.

Segment 4
Location: From Heeb St. to west of Francis St.
Schedule: Expected to begin in mid-August
Traffic Impact: Kaufmann Ave. will be closed. Detour planned.

Future Phases: Construction in 2020 and 2021

Francis St. to Kane St.
Looking forward to 2020 and 2021, the goal is to expand the storm sewer up to Kane St. However, the project schedule and limits will be contingent on funding. Information about future phases of this project will be shared as soon as its available.

For questions about this project, please call (563) 690-6068.