Cost & Funding

Project Costs

 Infrastructure Improvement Status  Cost 
Carter Road Detention Basin Completed in 2003 $1,076,315 
West 32nd St. Detention Basin  Completed in 2009 $4,158,589 
Lower Bee Branch Creek Restoration   Completed in 2011 $21,274,685 
Historic Millwork District Complete Streets   Completed in 2012  $7,977,311 
Upper Bee Branch Creek Restoration Completed in 2017
22nd St./Kaufmann Ave. Storm Sewer Capacity Improvements
Estimated Completion - 2021 $8,827,660
Bee Branch Healthy Homes Resiliency Program
(Assistance to over 300 homes in the Bee Branch Watershed) 
Estimated Completion - 2021 $8,427,665 
Bee Branch Creek Railroad Culverts
Estimated Completion - 2021
Flood Mitigation Gate & Pump Station Replacement
Estimated Completion - 2021
17th St./W. Locust St. Storm Sewer Capacity Improvements 
 Estimated Completion - 2028
Flood Mitigation Maintenance Facility  Estimated Completion - 2028  $4,660,000  
North End Storm Sewer Capacity Improvements  Estimated Completion - 2029  $1,400,000  
Water Plant Flood Protection Estimated Completion - 2031 $4,400,000
Green Alley Reconstruction  Estimated Completion - 2040 $57,420,000      
  Total cost, excluding
interest in debt:

Estimated Completion - 2020
Estimated Completion - 2022
Estimated Completion - 2022

Funding Sources

To date, the City of Dubuque has received $162.6 million to help fund the $232 million project, including $55.5 million in state and federal grants.

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded the City of Dubuque $31.5 million in disaster resiliency funds for the Bee Branch Healthy Homes Resiliency Program and stormwater infrastructure improvements including the West Locust Street and Kaufmann Avenue storm sewer projects and $9 million for the Bee Branch Creek Railroad Culverts.
The City is also participating in multiple state funding programs. Through the State Revolving Fund (SRF) program, the Iowa Environmental Commission authorized the City to reallocate $9.4 million that was to be paid in interest on the loan associated with the Water and Resource Recovery Center upgrade project to instead be used to construct more than 70 green alleys in the Bee Branch Watershed. Also through SRF, the Iowa Finance Authority authorized the City to reallocate $1.4 million that was to be paid in interest on the loan associated with the Upper Bee Branch Creek Restoration to make improvements in the Catfish Creek Watershed to protect the water quality of the Catfish Creek and prevent soil erosion.
Additionally, in December 2013, the project was awarded $98.5 million from the Iowa Flood Mitigation Board in the form of state sales tax increment financing* spread over 20 years. This is the largest amount ever awarded to the City of Dubuque and will enable the City to issue debt to implement the comprehensive flood mitigation plan much sooner than previously anticipated at a lower cost to Dubuque citizens and businesses. Additional grant funding is being explored to expand the scope of the positive impact on Dubuque.
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