17th St. / W. Locust St. Storm Sewer Improvements

17th St. Improvements for web

Estimated Completion - 2021

The purpose of this project is to increase the capacity of the storm sewer from the Lower Bee Branch Creek up 17th Street to West Locust Street. A larger storm sewer and additional high-capacity storm drains will help alleviate the flash flooding frequently experienced on these streets.

Project Details

The 17th St. and W. Locust St. storm sewer capacity improvement project includes the installation of an 8-foot diameter pipe from the Lower Bee Branch Creek west through the railroad tracks, and a new concrete storm sewer from the railroad tracks up 17th St. to W. Locust St. and continuing up W. Locust St. toward Angella St. Additional high-capacity and standard capacity storm drains will be installed. It also involves total street and sidewalk reconstruction and the relocation of underground utilities along the entire length of the project. Construction will be completed in phases starting at Elm Street. The estimated completion date of the entire project is 2021.

Phase 1: Completed December 2017

Intersection of 17th St. and Elm St.
The first phase of the 17th St. / W. Locust St. project took place from August to December 2017 at the intersection of 17th and Elm streets. Crews relocated underground utilities and built a new 10 ft. x 5 ft. concrete storm sewer and installed high-capacity storm drains to reduce street flooding.

Phase 2: Construction in 2018 and 2019

17th St. from Elm St. to Heeb St.
Phase two of the project began in July 2018. Work started at Elm St. and progressed west across Washington St., Jackson St., White St., and Central Ave. up to Heeb St. Construction of the new storm sewer and associated street work finished in late December 2018. The remaining curb and sidewalk work will be completed in spring 2019. No street construction is planned for this project in 2019.

In 2019, the City does expect to bid the portion of this project that includes installing a new section of pipe underneath the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) tracks between the east end of 17th St. and the Lower Bee Branch Creek.

Future Phases

The ultimate goal is to expand the storm sewer up 17th St. to W. Locust St. and continuing up W. Locust St. to Angella St. However, the project schedule and limits will be contingent on funding. More information regarding future phases of construction will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

For questions about this project, please call (563) 690-6068.