Bee Branch Project Phases

Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project

Upper Bee Branch Creek

32nd St. Detention Basin

32nd St. Detention Basin

22nd St./Kaufmann Ave. Storm Sewer Improvements

22nd St. Storm Sewer Construction

Historic Millwork District Complete Streets

Historic Millwork Complete Streets

Bee Branch Creek Railroad Culverts

Railroad Culverts Project

Impervious Surface Reduction (Green Alleys)

Green Alleys

Bee Branch Healthy Homes Resiliency Program

Bee Branch Healthy Homes

Flood Mitigation Gate & Pump Station Replacement

Flood Mitigation Gate Replacement
The Bee Branch Project is a multi-phased investment. The following improvements will slow the rate of stormwater through the upper watershed, increase the safe conveyance of stormwater through the flood-prone area, reduce the volume of stormwater, and provide floodwater protection to the City’s water treatment plant on Hawthorne Street. As each phase is completed there will be more protection from flash flooding.