Bee Branch Creek Restoration

The Bee Branch Creek Restoration involved replacing almost one-mile of storm sewer with a creek and floodplain that resembles the one that traversed the area approximately 100 years ago. This “daylighting” of the buried Bee Branch Creek allows stormwater from flash floods to safely move through the area without flooding adjacent properties.

Successful daylighting projects have also been completed in cities around the world including Seoul, London, Philadelphia, and Springfield, MO. This is the natural and preferred method to handle stormwater flooding.

The Bee Branch Creek Restoration is split into two distinct sections each with different characteristics.
Lower B Branch_MG
Upper Bee Branch Rhomberg_web
Lower Bee Branch - Completed in 2011
15th and Sycamore Streets north to Garfield Avenue

Upper Bee Branch - Completed in 2017

Garfield Avenue to E. 24th Street