Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission


Seven members selected by the City Council to three-year terms:

  • Four members of the commission shall have significant knowledge and demonstrated interest in one or more areas of the arts including music, dance, literature, visual arts, theater, folk arts, media arts, design, arts education
  • Two members shall be from the business and professional community, one of whom lives or works in the cultural and entertainment district
  • One member shall be an at large who lives or works outside the cultural and entertainment district



  • To plan, promote, and encourage programs to further public awareness of, accessibility to, participation in, and support for the artistic and cultural development of the City
  • To make recommendations to the City Council regarding the establishment of arts and cultural policies and programs, the expenditure of budgeted City funds on arts and cultural activities, and the implementation of programs for arts and culture


The mission of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission is to build the community of Dubuque through arts and cultural programs by developing visibility, funding, audiences, information and partnerships.


The Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission will:

  • Act with integrity;
  • Increase accessibility to the arts;
  • Exercise fairness and impartiality in decision making;
  • Support life-long engagement in the arts, and;
  • Preserve cultural heritage for future generations.


By supporting our stated values, the Dubuque Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commissioners will continue to support and encourage an ever expanding, energetic, vital and creative arts community.