Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Materials

The DMASWA offers safe disposal of household hazardous materials through its Regional Collection Center (RCC) for Dubuque and Delaware county residents. The RCC is open from April through October. Latex paint, spray paints, strippers, thinners, antifreeze, and cleaners should be used up or stored safely if the RCC is not open. 

Acceptable items and information on making an appointment

Visit their website or contact the DMASWA Education Coordinator Bev Wagner at 563-588-7933. For more information about the RCC call 563-557-8220.

Paint Disposal

Latex paint can be dried by stirring cat litter, dirt or sand into the can to dry it out. You can also pour it onto a piece of cardboard and let it dry. Once the can is completely dry, leave the lid off and place it in your refuse container or bag.

Gasoline Disposal

Never dispose of gasoline by pouring it onto the ground or into a sewer, street drain, stream or other water body, or putting it into the trash. These actions are environmentally harmful and may result in a fire, explosion, or soil, surface or groundwater contamination. Fines and criminal penalties may be associated with improper disposal. Contact the DMASWA for instructions on disposing of old gasoline.