Goals & Priorities

The 2036 Dubuque Vision Statement

Dubuque 2036 is a sustainable and resilient city, an inclusive and equitable community where ALL are welcome. Dubuque 2036 has preserved our Masterpiece on the Mississippi, has a strong, diverse economy and expanding connectivity. Our residents experience healthy living and active lifestyles; have choices of quality, affordable, livable neighborhoods; have an abundance of diverse, fun things to do; and are successfully and actively engaged in the community.

Mission Statement

Dubuque city government is progressive and financially sound with residents receiving value for their tax dollars and achieving goals through partnerships. Dubuque city government’s mission is to deliver excellent municipal services that support urban living; contribute to an equitable, sustainable city; plan for the community’s future; and facilitate access to critical human services.

City of Dubuque Goals 2026

  • Robust Local Economy: Diverse Businesses and Jobs with Economic Prosperity
  • Vibrant Community: Healthy and Safe
  • Livable Neighborhoods and Housing: Great Place to Live
  • Financially Responsible, High-Performance City Organization: Sustainable, Equitable, and Effective Service Delivery
  • Sustainable Environment: Preserving and Enhancing Natural Resources
  • Partnership for a Better Dubuque: Building Our Community that is Viable, Livable, and Equitable
  • Diverse Arts, Culture, Parks, and Recreation Experiences and Activities
  • Connected Community: Equitable Transportation, Technology Infrastructure, and Mobility

Policy Agenda

Policy agenda items are issues that need direction or a policy decision by the City Council, or need a major funding decision by the City Council, or issues that need City Council leadership in the community or with other governmental bodies.  The policy agenda is divided into top priorities and high priorities.

2021 – 2023 Top Priorities (in alphabetical order):

  • Chaplain Schmitt Island Master Plan Implementation
  • City Information & Network Security
  • Equitable Poverty Prevention & Reduction Plan Implementation
  • Federal Infrastructure Program Preparation
  • Five Flags Center Direction
  • Historic Building Rehabilitation/Preservation
  • Sewer System Infrastructure Upgrade (including Catfish Creek Sanitary Sewer System)

2021 – 2023 High Priorities (in alphabetical order):

  • Bee Branch Watershed Project: Next Steps
  • Childcare Initiative
  • Community Broadband Expansion
  • Complete Streets Concept Implementation: 16th St./Elm St./14th St. Railroad Overpass Project
  • Comprehensive Parks Master Plan
  • Imagine Dubuque Implementation
  • West End Fire Station

Management in Progress and Major Projects

Under each City Council goal are items listed as Management in Progress and Major Projects. Each goal contains Management in Progress items and many City Council goals also have major projects associated. 

  • Management in Progress are items that are underway and budgeted. Staff is implementing and providing updates to City Council.
  • Major Projects are projects that are underway and budgeted. Staff is implementing and providing updates to City Council.

Robust Local Economy

Management in Progress

  • Airport Master Plan: Approval
  • Air Service Expansion to Western Hub
  • Business Development at the Airport
  • Downtown Parking Issues
  • Dubuque Brewing & Malting Building
  • Façade Loan Program
  • Opportunity Dubuque Job Training Program: Financial Support

Major Projects

  • Dubuque Riverfront Master Plan (US Army Corps of Engineers)
  • Viking Cruise Destination Preparation

Vibrant Community

Management in Progress

  • CAD Connection to City Cameras Network
  • Fire Department Accreditation
  • Police Department Re-Accreditation: Annual Assessment
  • Re-Imagining Police
  • Traffic Camera System

Livable Neighborhoods & Housing

Management in Progress

  • Central Avenue Reinvestment Strategy
  • Downtown Commercial Buildings Project
  • Port of Dubuque Residential Project (MERGE)
  • Safe Housing Initiative

Major Projects

  • Hendricks Feed Site Parking Ramp
  • Lowell Street Retaining Wall Repair

Financially Responsible, High-Performance City Organization

Management in Progress

  • ADA Compliance Transition Report
  • Cartegraph OMS System Asset Management System Expansion
  • Centralized Facility Maintenance and Manager
  • City Facilities/Work Space Analysis and Plan
  • City Legislative Lobbying/Advocacy Agenda 2021
  • Citywide Compensation and Benefit Policy and Program
  • Digital Signatures
  • ERP Software Implementation
  • InVision Facility Management Software Implementation
  • Resident Satisfaction Survey
  • Socrata Software Implementation

Major Projects

  • Engine House No. 1 Remodel Project

Sustainable Environment

Management in Progress

  • Bee Branch Pollinator Celebration
  • Emerald Ash Borer Program
  • Lead and Copper Rule Compliance Water Sampling and Testing
  • Pollinator Habitat in Park System
  • Public Education on Bikeable/Walkable Dubuque
  • Renew DBQ Solar Program
  • Sewer Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Water and Resource Recovery Center: Nutrient Trading

Major Projects

  • Royal Wood Drive Water Tank Improvement
  • SCADA Overhaul: Water
  • Water Lines Extension – Southwest Arterial

Partnership for a Better Dubuque

Management in Progress

  • Civic Action Plan and Civic Leaders Program
  • Greater Dubuque Development Corporation 5-year Funding Campaign

Diverse Arts, Culture, Parks, and Recreation Experiences and Activities

Management in Progress

  • AmeriCorps: Potential Expansion Area
  • E. B. Lyons Center Partnership Development
  • Mystique Community Ice Center Direction

Major Projects

  • Comiskey Park Project
  • Eagle Valley Subdivision Park
  • English Ridge Subdivision Park
  • Grand River Center: Upgrade Projects

Connected Community

Management in Progress

  • Comprehensive Pavement Preservation
  • Corporate Hangar Repair
  • Downtown Parking Ordinance
  • Reconstruction of Airport Taxiway Alpha
  • Traffic Signal Synchronization/STREETS Program
  • Transit Vehicle Replacement
  • Wi-Fi in Fixed Route Buses

Major Projects

  • Chavenelle Road Hike/Bike Trail
  • Comiskey Park Project
  • Dupaco/Roshek Parking Project
  • JFK Sidewalks Project: Construction + Assessment
  • Northwest Arterial Upgrade (IDOT)
  • Roundabouts: Funding
    a. University/Pennsylvania: Design
    b. University/Asbury: Design
    c. University/Loras: Design
  • Washington Street Improvements (7th to 9th)