Landlord Resources


The City of Dubuque wants landlords to be successful in their efforts to provide safe and quality housing for members of the community. This resource page is designed to help efficiently locate services offered to landlords by the city.

Resources for Landlords

Becoming a Landlord

Apply for a Rental License
Inspections Checklist
Successful Rental Property Management Program
Tenant Screening & Tenant Database
Inspection Tips

Maintaining, Repairing or Upgrading Rental Properties

Rental Rehabilitation Loan Program
Accessibility Loans for Rental 
Lead Hazard Reduction & Healthy Homes Program
Bee Branch Healthy Homes Program
Renting to a Voucher Holder
Landlord Partner Portal
Utility Estimation Tool
Becoming an HCV Landlord (information sheet)

Screening Prospective Tenants

Iowa Court Records
Tenant Screening & Tenant Database
Tenant Database Submission Form
Waiver of Release for Tenant Database
Background Check Consent Form
Rental Property Regulations
Fair Housing Law
International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC)
City Code
Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Law (IA Code 562A)

Rental Property Resources

Smoke Alarm Brochure
Recycling Services and Large Item Pick-Up Flyer 
Large Item Pick-Up

Trespass Information
Urban Revitalization Program

Resources for Tenants

Gaining Opportunities Program
Family Self-Sufficiency
Fair Housing Law
Housing Choice Voucher Information
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