Landlord Resources


The City of Dubuque wants landlords to be successful in their efforts to provide safe and quality housing for members of the community. This resource page is designed to help efficiently locate services offered to landlords by the city.

Resources for Landlords

Becoming a Landlord

Successful Rental Property Management Program
Rental License Information
Section 8 Information
Free Nationwide Criminal History Check

Screening Prospective Tenants

Iowa Court Records
Obtaining Police Records
Tenant Screening & Tenant Database

Maintaining a Rental Property

 Landlord Partner Portal 
Community Oriented Policing
Fair Housing Law
Housing Code (Title 14, Chapter 1, Article J)
Housing Inspection & Licensing
Housing Investigations (Section 8 Violations)
Recycling Services and Large Item Pick-Up Flyer  Flyer for Landlords
Large Item Pick-Up
Police Department
Trespass Information
Urban Revitalization Program

Resources for Tenants

Getting Ahead in the Workplace
Family Self-Sufficiency
Fair Housing Law
Section 8 Information

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