Conservation Districts

Conservation Districts

What is a Conservation District?

A Conservation Districts is an area designated by City Council which encompasses areas of historically and architecturally significant buildings, sites, structures, objects, or districts, including potential national or local historic districts; and is important to maintain and preserve for its economic and social value to the neighborhood and community.  Not all structures located in conservation districts have architectural or historical significance. The City has 9 conservation districts. Demolition requests must be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission. Appeals of Commission decisions can be made to the City Council.

What is the difference between a Historic District and a Conservation District?

In historic districts, the Historic Preservation Commission is required to review any exterior changes to property that require a building permit and are visible from the public right-of-way (street, alley, public steps, etc). In conservation districts, the Historic Preservation Commission reviews demolition permits only.

Review of Demolition Permits in Conservation Districts

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Conservation District Maps

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